VV Vinayak all set to direct Ravi Teja?

VV Vinayak all set to direct Ravi Teja?

Sensational director VV Vinayak was once one of the highest paid directors of Telugu cinema. With a series of debacles, now filmmakers have been showing interest. Though Vinayak announced that he would direct Balakrishna in his next film, the project did not materialize as Vinayak could not impress the veteran actor with a script.

As per the update, Vinayak recently met Ravi Teja and narrated a script and the actor is left excited. The film starts rolling during the second half of this year and Vinayak is busy penning the complete script currently. The female lead and other actors, technicians too are finalized. C Kalyan will produce the film and the movie will release next year. Ravi Teja too has been struggling for success and Ravi Teja, Vinayak are in plans to make their comeback soon.

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